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  • Acomplia Cost

    Acomplia Cost, We would like to announce that the English website is up and running... there are still a couple of small bugs but it is fully usable and graphically tested under Firefox, Acomplia use, Buy cheap Acomplia, Opera, Chrome and IE, buy Acomplia online cod. Order Acomplia from United States pharmacy, Within a few days we will have also the French site.

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    1. how do i order the phone (the order page in english) i went to the english page but when i went to the paypal page to order it is not english how do i order?

    2. just my 2 cents

      Use "Developer friendly" unless your developers are of a very friendly nature
      ( I mean friendly developer would translate as desarrollador amigable, instead of amigable para los desarrolladores)

    3. That is not correct. Developer friendly would translate Deesarrollador amigablente which doesn't make any sense.
      Friendly developer, on the contrary, is a sector wording used and understood all over the world.

    4. Me parece muy interesante vuestra propuesta. Si desean tener la web traducida al italiano contacten conmigo. Un saludo y suerte con todo!

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