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  • Prednisolone Price

    Prednisolone Price, Today we will do a short review of the current distribution of android versions, and what is the main problem currently of the android platform, Android fragmentation:
    versions distribution

    Platform API Level Distribution
    Android 1.5 3 3.0%
    Android 1.6 4 4.8%
    Android 2.1 7 29.0%
    Android 2.2 8 61.3%
    Android 2.3 9 0.7%
    Android 2.3.3 10 1.0%
    Android 3.0 11 0.2%

    As we can see, the number of devices with Cupcake and Donut (1.5 and 1.6) has drop down to a 7.8% between both of them. The first devices of Gingerbread (2.3 and 2.3.3) begin to show, Prednisolone no prescription, Discount Prednisolone, including the ONE thanks to CyanogenMod (specially to Ricardo) and Super@tmel, and how the percentage of devices with Eclair (2.1) has been also reduced, Prednisolone results, Buy Prednisolone without a prescription, while the percentage of Froyo (2.2) has increase up to beeing the winner with a 61.3%.

    This data is important for developing applications, Prednisolone pictures, No prescription Prednisolone online, because it gives us a fair idea of the percentage of devices that will be able to use our applications depending of the minimum SDK which we target our applications.

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